The Rachel Langsam and Jakob Stuber Family

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Subject:  Re: The JewishGen Family Finder: LANGSAM 
From:  Jenny Brown  
Date:  Sun, Nov 23, 2014 8:11 am 
Hi Moishe,

Thanks for getting in touch! The Langsam family is on my husband’s side of the family. My 
mother-in-law’s mother was Hilda Langsam, born 1907 in Krakow. Her father was Samuel Lieb 
Langsam-Stuber, born 1881 in Krakow. I’ve been given to understand the hyphenated last name 
indicates that his parents did not have a civil marriage at the time of this birth (but his 
parents were most likely religiously married). Therefore, it’s his mother who has the Langsam 
line, Rachela Langsam, and that, I’m afraid, is all I know of that line. I know Samuel had 
two siblings: Dawid, Gustia-Gitia. I looked under your “Known Langsam Family” page and didn’t 
see anyone familiar. 


On Nov 23, 2014, at 1:31 AM, Moishe Miller  wrote:

- From : Moishe Miller, (researcher code 3391)
- To : Jennifer Sue Brown, (researcher code 230337)
- Subject : The JewishGen Family Finder: LANGSAM
I saw your recent LANGSAM posting to the JGFF and was hoping you could share some more 
detail about your current research interests. What are the names of the Langsam ancestors 
that you are posting about? Have you had a chance to review my website on the family 
at ?

Please stay in touch,
Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY


Krakow JHI Marriages 1877,93-99,1904-6,9,13,19,21,24,29
Krakow Wojewodztwo / Krakow Province
(records in Fond in Jewish Historical Institute)
Located at 50°05’ 19°55’
Last updated May 2001

SurnameGiven NameYearTypeAktaFondTownFatherMotherMother SurnameNotesComments
LANGSAM f STUBERSamuel - Leib1905M1571001Kosze ad. KrakówJakubRachelaLANGSAMsurname of the unregistered father - STUBER 
GOLDFINGERSala1905M1571001Ryczka Górna ad. MilówkaSalomon - JesajasFaniaTEICHNER  

Krakow Births 1798-1855,71-89
Krakow Wojewodztwo / Krakow Province
Located at 50°05’ 19°55’
Last updated May 2000

SurnameGiven NameYearTypeAktaMicrofilmIndex FilmCommentsFatherMotherMaiden NameMother's FatherFather's FatherDateHouse
LANGSAM/STUBERSamuel Leib1881B5541895665         

Zablocie PSA Births 1843,68,71-77,79,81,84-85,87,95,97-98,1900-02,07-16
Marriages 1865,77-92,94-1904,07-09
Deaths 1887-90,94,97,99-1909
Krakow Wojewodztwo / Krakow Province
(records in Fond 1297 in Krakow Archive)
Located at 49°58’ 20°11’
Last updated January 2010

SurnameGiven NameYearTypeAktaEvent DateSygnaturaSexAgeTown BornLivingTownFatherFather SurnameFather TownMotherMother SurnameMother TownSpouseComments
LANGSAMDawid1903M101903MGIZ 23M Dec-1870 LudwinówJakobSTUBER RachelLANGSAM   
RÜBNERSali1903M101903MGIZ 23F 1-Mar-1877 UjsolyJakob  Cäcille    

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I would be very interested to hear from anyone with knowledge or an interest in the Miller family.

Moishe Miller

My home address is
           1374 East 28th Street
           Brooklyn NY 11210-5311

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