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Last updated: 20/09/2000            
        Updated:1/06/2000, 16/04/2000, 16/02/2000, 2/08/1999, 4/06/1999, 2/04/1999

     Look for new details about Yitschak Isaac and Sara Dorf. our Great-grandparents.
                 For a gathering of the Dorf Family in 1946, click here.


1. To Debbie Bauernfreun upon her marriage to Paul Friedman of London.
        Mazal Tov to the Parents Florie and Sonny and the grandfather Israel Lehrer
        of Antwerp. Wedding took place on Sept. 13, 2000, in London.

2. To
Claude and Ruth Lehrer from Anterp on the birth of a daughter, Awigail,
      on 11.8.2000.

3. To Merav Rivkin upon her marriage to Amir Yakobovitch of Petach Tikva, Israel.
     Mazal Tov to her parents Miriam and Shmarya Rivkin,  and grand-father Avraham Kehati.
   The wedding took place on June 2000.

4. To
Israel david Lehrer and his wife Breindel, for their marriage
       on 21/06/2000 in New York.

    Mazal Tov to the mother, Parents Moshe and Zipora Lehrer,
     and the the grandparents  Zalman Lehrer  and Ruth of Antwerp.

5. To Hirsh Zvi Lehrer and Tova from Yerushalayim on the birth of their son, Pinchas Menachem,
    on 8.2.2000.
    Mazal Tov to the grandparents Zalman Lehrer and Ruth of Antwerp.

6. To Avram Mordechai Tiefenbrunner and his wife Hendel, for their marriage
       on 27/01/2000 in Yerushalayim.

    Mazal Tov to the mother, Esther Tiefenbrunner,  and the the grandparents
      Zalman Lehrer  and Ruth of Antwerp.

7.  To  Anat (Offen) and Shemi Pariente, of Israel, on the birth of no. 4 Netta (a girl),
    on Wednesday  Dec. 22, 1999. Mazal Tov to the grand-parents Jacki and Miri Offen of Petach Tikva, Israel.

8.  To  Sammy and Randie Goldberger, of Los Angeles, on the birth of no. 4 Moriya (a girl),
    on Monday Oct. 25, 1999. Mazal Tov to the grand-parents Regine and Ernie Goldberger of LA.


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Address List

Fax & E-Mail List

Family Tree



Dorf Family - Address List 

Name  Street  City  Country  Phone 
Baurenfreund, Flori 87 Princess Park ave. London England +44-208-455-1638
Crerssy, Sylvie Akara Gattam 9  Malmo  Sweden +46-40-16-0553
Dorf, Izzie Vitkin 6  Herzelia  Israel  +972-(0)9-950-2793
Feig, Fay  14 Misty Cr. Don Mills, Ont Canada +1-416-441-1408
Feig, Jeffrey 45W. 67th St. #22B New York U.S.A +1-212-787-7618
Feig, Paula 11 Lyonsgate Dr. North York, Ont Canada +1-416-636-9466
Feldman, Eveline Lange Leemstraat 99 Antwerpen Belgium +32-(0)3-231-0160
Gubi, Irit  11 Ancho Sireni  Givatayim Israel +972-(0)3-731-1132
Goldberger,Regine 522 N. Rexford Dr. Beverly Hills, CA U.S.A +1-310-273-6661
Goldberger,Sammy 1556 S. Glenville Dr. Los Angeles, CA U.S.A +1-310-843-9491
Goldberger,Yossi 3849 Greenwood St. Skokie, Illinois U.S.A +1-847-675-5624
Grinblat, Paula 1165 54th street Brooklyn, NY U.S.A +1-718-633-3256
Hirshman, Nicky  2 Harlock Blvd. Downsview, Ontario Canada +1-416-630-7946
Holles, Viviane  Manessestr. 92 Zurich Switzerland +41-(0)1-463-2510
Katz, Efraim   Mexico City Mexico  
Katzin, Esti     Israel  
Kehati, Avram    Kvutzat Yavneh Israel +972-(0)8-854-8419
Kehati, Amram  . Prague Chech +420-2-311-2796
Kehati, Itamar    Hoshaya Israel +972-(0)6-646-7569
Kehati, Nadav  15 Keren Hayesod St. Ra'anana Israel +972-(0)9-774-6363
Kehati, Shmuel 12 Hyovel St. Ra'anana Israel +972-(0)9-744-5222
Kornick, Adina Sorovkin 6 Yerushalayim Israel +972-(0)2-500-1066
Lehrer, Claude Helenalei 27 Antwerpen Belgium +32-(0)3-218-6982
Lehrer, Danny 81 Woodlands London England +44-208-455-6514
Lehrer, Dora  Isabellalei 123 Antwerpen Belgium +32-(0)3-239-2511
Lehrer, Harry Zvi Bar Ilan 35 Yerushalayim Israel +972-(0)2-532-1014
Lehrer, Israel Neptunusstr. 66 Antwerpen Belgium +32-(0)3-236-0553
Lehrer, Marcel Belgielei 194 Antwerpen Belgium +32-(0)3-230-8109
Lehrer, Moishe Antoon Van Dyckst.45 Antwerpen Belgium +32-(0)3-230-9822
Lehrer, Ruth Briamontlei 44 Antwerpen Belgium +32-(0)3-230-0028
Mann, Akiva  130 Golden Isles Dr #D Hallandale, Fl U.S.A +1-954-455-9051
Mann, Menashe 155 N. Front St. #1508 Sarnia, Ont. Canada +1-519-336-9607
Mann, Yacov Shmuel 2621 McCoy Way Luisville, Ky U.S.A +1-502-456-6926
Ma'or, Amir   Petach Tikvah Israel  
Meisels, Annie Northdene Gardens 10 London England +44-208-800-2674
Offen, Izzy Tzel Hagiva 13 Ramat Gan Israel +972-(0)3-570-6907
Offen, Jacky Anderson 17  Petach Tikvah Israel +972-(0)3-922-5165
Rivkin, Miriam 22 Tabib St. Rishon Le'zion Israel +972-(0)3-965-7954
Schidlow, Ilana 3 Lmed Hei St. Givatayim Israel +972-(0)3-573-0920
Stone, Esther 5168 Ventura Dr. Dalray Beach, Fl U.S.A +1-561-496-5213
Strassman, Jenny 74 vestingstraat Antwerpen Belgium +32-(0)3-230-6175
Tiefenbrunner, Esther Lamorinierestraat 211 Antwerpen Belgium +32-(0)3-239-5303

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Dorf Family - FAX & E-Mail List

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Name  Country  Phone  FAX  E-MAil 
Bauernfreund, Florie England +44-208-455-1638
Crerssy, Sylvie Sweden +46-40-16-0553
Feig, Fay Canada +1-416-441-1408 +1-416-448-8413 Feig <>
Feig, Jeffrey U.S.A. +1-212-787-7618 +1-212-787-7618
Feig, Paula Canada +1-416-636-9466 +1-416-636-9466 PaulaFeig<>
Fishman, Pearl U.S.A +1-310-553-0660
Friedman, Debbie England
Gibbs, Gisselle U.S.A  +1-203-966-3691
Gubi, Irit Israel +972-(0)3-731-1132 +972-(0)3-731-1132 "I.G" <>
Goldberger,Regine U.S.A  +1-310-273-6661 +1-310-276-4247
Goldberger,Yossi  U.S.A +1-847-675-5624  +1-847-675-5627
Goldberger,Sammy U.S.A +1-310-843-9491 +1-310-843-9492
Hirshman, Aviva U.S.A +1-(212)-866-8357
Kehati, Amram Chech +420-2-311-2796
Kehati, Itamar Israel +972-(0)6-646-7569
Kehati, Nadav Israel +972-(0)9-774-6363
Kehati, Shmuel Israel +972-(0)9-744-5222 +972-(0)9-742-1164
Lehrer, Claude Belgium +32-(0)3-218-6982
Lehrer, Gershon Belgium +32-(0)3-218-6982
Lehrer, Harry Zvi Israel +972-(0)2-532-1014 +972-(0)2-582-3905
Lehrer, Danny England +44-208-455-6514
Lehrer, Israel Belgium +32-(0)3-236-0553 +32-(0)3-236-0553
Mann, Yacov Shmuel U.S.A +1-502-456-6926
Meisels, Annie England +44-208-800-2674 +44-171-502-0249
Offen, Jacky Israel + 972-(0)3-922-5165
Rivkin, Miriam Israel + 972-(0)3-956-7954 
Strassman, Jenny Belgium +32-(0)3-230-6175 +32-(0)3-231-0042
Stone, Linda (Gigi) U.S.A
Tiefenbrunner, Esther Belgium +32-(0)3-239-5303 +32-(0)3-239-5303  

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DORF - Family -Tree
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The Dorf Family as We know it today is about five times larger than what shown here. We hope to include here the complete Dorf Family in the future. Meantime what shown are:

Descendants of Yitzhak Isaac DORF

Yitzchak and Sara Dorf had 8 children, and 18 granchildren. Only one grandaughter   parrished in the Holacost.

The list in this page shows  only  two generations. For further descendants, you can click on the Family names.

1.  Yitzhak Isaac Dorf. Born: 1852 in Sczucin, Galicia, Poland.     See Details
                                      Died: 7/11/1920 in Tarnow, Poland.
    +Sara Sheindel Fishelberg. Born: 4/08/1864 in Brzesko, Poland.
                                                  Died: 2/08/1956 in Antwerpen, Belgium. 
      2. Mina Dorf. Born: 1894 in Biskupice, Poland. 
         +Moishe Offen 
           Names of main families in this Branch: OFFEN GRINBLAT

      2. Wolf Ze'ev Dorf. Born: 24/01/1896 in Biskupice, Poland. 
            Died: 4/11/1971 in Toronto, Canada.
                      Married: 15/08/1921 in Drezden, Germany. 
           +Freida Fromet Hollander. Born: 7/07/1898 in Tarnov, Poland.
           Died: 10/01/1981 in Toronto, Canada

         Names of main families in this Branch:
            Kehati Mann Schidlow Feig

2.   Mordechai David Marcus Dorf Born: 15/02/1898 in Biskupice, Poland 
        +Rosi Mandelbaum Born: 26/01/1909 in Leipzig, Germany
          Married: 03/1933 in Antwerpen, Belgium 

         Names of main families in this Branch:
            Dorf Goldberger

2 Lipcha Lote Dorf. Born: 21/01/1900 in Biskupice, Poland. 
+Gershon Lehrer. Born: 14/09/1902 in Uszczyki Dolne, Poland.
     Married: 1923 in Drezden, Germany. 

Names of main families in this Branch:
            Baurenfreund Cressy  Feldman    Holles 
           Lehrer Meisels  Strassman      Tiefenbrunner

2. Gusti Gitle Dorf. Born: 1902 
  +  Meir Weinreb
   3. Malka Weinreb. Born: in Antwerpen, Belgium 
   3. Moshe Weinreb. Born: in Antwerpen, Belgium. 
   3. Esther Weinreb. Born: in Antwerpen, Belgium. 
   3. Mordechai Weinreb. Born: in Antwerpen, Belgium. 

         The whole    Weinreb  family perished in the Holocaust

2.  Efroim Dorf. Born: 4/02/1904 in Biskupice, Poland.
       Died:     in Palm Desert, CA, U.S.A
  + Hanny Kirshner. Born: 11/09/1924 in Berlin, Germany.
         Married: 25/01/1948 in Barcelona, Spain. 
        City: Palm Desert, Ca. U.S.A

Names of main families in this Branch:
            Dorf Gibbs Fishman 

2.  Morris Moshe Dorf. Born: 6/06/1907 in Biskupice, Poland 
       Died:     in Antwerpn, Belgium.
       Had no Descendants.

2.   Yossef Dorf. Born: 18/08/1909 in Biskupice, Poland 
       Died:     in New York.
       Had no Descendants

*2nd Wife of [2] Yitzhak Isaac Dorf:
    +  Wolf 
    2. Yisrael Zvi Dorf 
    2. Yacov Dorf 

*3rd Wife of [2] Yitzhak Isaac Dorf:
  + Reizel 
   2. Elyakim Dorf 
   2. Chana Dorf 

                     The        E N D

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