P   One can't help but wonder how some famous people
    might be in different careers if only they paid attention to anagrams.  For
    instance, Julie Andrews might have been a vagrant, as her last name is an
    anagram of WANDERS.  Can you match the celebrities on the left to their
    destined professions on the bottom? (A hint is available at location D.)

Children's       Director           Dictator       Composer
Storyteller      of "Titanic"

Movie            Advice             Movie          Comedy/
Actor            Columnist          Actor          TV Actor

Adviser/         Screenwriter/      Recording      Homemaking
Mystic/Monk      Television Host    Artist         Advocate

Recording        Physicist          Movie          Journalist/
Artist           Inventor           Actor          Anchor

Concierge/Gopher                    Lazy good-for-nothing           Ch. of Eng. Rejector
Baseball batter                     Maintenance repairman           Defamer
Children's Storyteller              Casting Director/Talent Agent   Craftsman
Basketball player (in Louisiana)    Latecomer                       Waiter
Trapper                                                             Dairyman
Director (of love movies like "Titanic")                            Seasoner