ICS 184: Database Systems

Informix Introductory Guide

The informix guide will continuously be updated throughout the quarter. Relevant information that you require for different parts for your PDA assignments will be put into it periodically. A complete set of manuals from which we have derived information in the Informix Introductory Guide can be found in http://www.ics.uci.edu/~informix. Please be aware that the manuals are huge and describe all the different parts of informix, many of which we will not use. As you make progress, you may discover that the introductory guide we are creating contain all the information you need for a specific part of your project. You are advised to refer to the original manuals to get the information. We will also appreciate if you let us know the missing information and we will strive to help you find the required information and include it in the guide. This will help future ICS184 classes.

DBAccess DBAccess is an Informix utility that allows you to operate on Informix database. In the class, you will use this simple user interface to implement your project.

  • Sharing Database among Group

    Databases can be considered similar to subdirectories in that they are initially private to the user who created them. To share a database among your group members, the creator of the database should run the following SQL command for each member in the group other than the creator. Follow the introduction to Using SQL Query to run the "grant" command.

        grant dba to <username>;
    Other group members then can access the database with their own username and password. For this class, each group uses one database.
    Please also use the command "grant connect to projects;" to add an additional user, so that the professor and TA can access your database.

  • Creating a Table

    In your database, you can proceed to create and populate tables. From the main menu, choose "Table" option. You will see the following screen:

        TABLE: Create Alter Info Drop Exit
        Create a new table.
        --------- ICS184_groupX@rodan_ius_net ---------- Press CTRL-W for Help --------
    This is the place you do all kinds of operation on tables, such as creating a new table, altering the schema of a table, droping a table, and checking the information of a table.

  • Using SQL Query

    From the main menu, choose "Query-language" option. You will see the following screen:

        SQL:   New  Run  Modify  Use-editor  Output  Choose  Save  Info  Drop  Exit
        Enter new SQL statements using SQL editor.
        -------- ICS184_groupX@rodan_ius_net ----------- Press CTRL-W for Help --------
    This is the place you execute SQL query. You can construct a new SQL query, make modification on the query, and run the query.

    To use SQL query,

    Informix SQL Guide

    SQL is not case sensitive(for key words). A complete set of informix SQL commands can be found in Informix Guide to SQL: Syntax and Informix Guide to SQL: Tutorial.

    In the following introduction, "<>" means that you should replace what is contained in this <> including <> with your own value. For example, <table_name> should be replaced by the actual table name you want to use.

    Informix Programming Guide