Master of Science

The objective of the terminal M.S. degree is to prepare students for a variety of advanced careers in the computing industry such as software development, information technology consulting, application specific integrated circuit design, network design and configuration, embedded systems design, algorithms development, data mining, etc. The current ICS graduate curriculum and M.S. degree requirements include advanced courses in these areas that enhance the career options of students that graduate with an M.S. degree.

M.S. concentrations are available in the same areas as the Ph.D. concentrations. In addition, there is a general M.S. degree with flexible requirements, and two focused degrees in embedded systems and knowledge discovery in databases. For additional details about the M.S. program in ICS, please visit our M.S. web pages.

The M.S. degree shares many courses with the Ph.D. program. M.S. students who apply to the Ph.D. program may apply these courses to the educational requirements of the Ph.D. degree. 


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