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ICS-175, Project in AI, Winter 2010
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For any assignment that you submit you should always state at the top of the report: the team number, the names of team members and the project title.

  • Progress report 1. Due February 2

    For the first report should be a two page progress report. The first half/full page of background on your project, including references wherever relevant.

    The second page ahould describe your progress.

    In your progress you should explain:

    1. How does the project built upon what is available in the literature, and out there.
    2. what is the architecture of your project (different modules and who is doing what on the team)?
    3. what tools will you use, or have started to use.
    4. Is there any data that you need to access?
    5. How would you evaluate your project. What is the criteria for success.
    6. What initial code you started to develop.

  • The presentation order:
    1. Team 10
    2. Team 15
    3. Team 4
    4. Team 16
    5. Team 5
    6. Team 17
    7. Team 9
    8. Team 8
    9. Team 18
    10. Team 6
    11. Team 3
    12. Team 1
    13. Team 7
    14. Team 11
    15. Team 2
    16. Team 13
    17. Team 14
    18. Team 12
  • Midterm report. For groups presenting week 7 - due Thursday Feb 18

    Midterm report should be handed in in class, printed and stapled together. Length: 3-4 pages.

    On the first page you should indicate your team number, the title of your project and names of the team mates.

    Your report is a logical continuation of your progress report. Your report should contain:

    1. Description of your problem
    2. Detailed background - previously done research in the area (1 page). You must provide citations and set of references at the end of your report.
    3. Tools that you are using (including all previously written code, GUI and third party programs that you use)
    4. If applicable, data that you need and the source of it.
    5. Input/output of your software
    6. Current state of your project - detailed report on the progress you have made so far

  • Midterm presentation.

    Presentation shall be given on 7th and 8th week. Attendance is mandatory for all students.

    Some requirements:

    • Presentations should last 15 minutes - time limit shall be reinforced. How well you can plan your presentation will be counted towards your grade.
    • You should use slides in your presentation: ppt/pdf.
    • At the start of your presentation you should fully describe your problem (even if you did it before in class presentations)
    • The main topic of your presentation should be your progress so far
    • Talk about concepts and high-level algorithms, not about code