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ICS-275A, Constraint Networks, Fall 2003
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    Either present paper(s) or choose a programming project.
    Also, feel free to propose your own idea for a project.


Cover chapter 11 on tractable language in Constraint Processing.

Cover chapter 13 in Constraint Processing.

[3] PDF
E. Gelle and B. Faltings. "Solving Mixed and Conditional Constraint Satisfaction Problems". Constraints, Vol 8 Num 2, April 2003.

[4] PS
Bacchus et. al. "DPLL with caching: a new algorithm for #SAT and Bayesian inference".

[5] PS
Larrosa et. al. "Solving still-life problems".

[6] PS
van Beek et. al. "A fast and simple algorithm for bounds consistency of the alldifferent constraint". IJCAI2003, pp 245-250 .

Chmeiss and Jegou and Keddar. "On a generalization of triangulated graphs for domain decompositions of CSPs". IJCAI 2003, pp. 203-208.

[8] PDF
Jegou and Terrioux. "Hybrid backtracking bounded by tree-decomposition of constraint networks". AI Journal vol 146, no 1, 2003.

Terrioux and Jegou. "Bounded backtracking for the valued constraint satisfaction problem". CP2003.

[10] PS | PDF
Rish, I., and Dechter, R., "Resolution versus Search: Two Strategies for SAT" In "Journal of Automated Reasoning", special issue on SAT, Volume 24, Issue 1/2, pp. 225-275, Januray, 2000.

[11] PS
Y. Zhang and R. Ypa, "Consistency and set intersection" In "IJCAI-2003", pp. 263-267.

Programming Project:

Experiment with REES:

    1. Implement your own solver, plug it into REES and compare.
    2. Implement a new structure-based random network and compare existing algorithms in REES.
    3. For the task of counting solutions, perform an experimental analysis using REES.
    4. Develop a benchmark in a dmain of your choice using REES and run your algorithms.

Specific ideas:

    1. Implement backtracking with forward checking using generalized arc-consistency.
    2. Implement variants of SLS + cycle-cutset.
    3. Compare PC look-ahead with recent heuristics developed by Kalev.
    4. Implement path-consisteny for look-ahead but record results on domains only.