WCPS 2009 Travel Reimbursement Guidelines


Download the WCPS 2009 travel report form from:




Please complete the WCPS 2009 travel report form and send it, with the following attachments, to Melanie Kilian:


1.    All original travel related receipts, (i.e. airline ticket w/ ticket no., hotel folio, rental car receipt, conference registration form and receipt).


2.    Ground transportation receipts, if over $75.00. (receipt not required if under $75.00)


3.    Itemized meal receipts (if not using the published per diem rate.)


4.    Receipts for miscellaneous expenses (internet, telephone, etc.)


NOTE: The published Per Diem rates may be used for Foreign travel, Meals and/or Lodging, if not reimbursing from actual receipts.


Send to:


Melanie Kilian

University of California, Irvine

Center for Embedded Computer Systems

2010 AIRB

Irvine, CA  92697-2620