International Workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems (WCPS09): Closing the Loop


(In Conjunction with ESWEEK 2009)


Grenoble, France, October 16, 2009


Organizers:  Nikil Dutt (UC Irvine) and Jorge Pereira (EC)




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Workshop Background


The International Workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems (WCPS09) will bring together members of the research community and practitioners from industry to discuss challenges, propose approaches and cyber technologies, and present new results that support a new generation of Cyber-Physical Systems. Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) are systems that rely on a tight integration of computation, communication, and controls, for their operation and interaction with the physical environment in which they are deployed. Such systems must be able to operate safely, dependably, securely, efficiently and in real-time, in potentially highly uncertain or unstructured environments. The integration of computational and physical process exhibits complicated behavior that may not be studied by the computational or physical sciences alone. These systems also transcend traditional computer-controlled systems because of their scale, dependence on man-machine interaction and their rich communication infrastructure that is enabled by the Internet.


Workshop Goals


The workshop (partially supported by the NSF) has the following specific goals:

1)   to provide a forum for investigation of major challenges in addressing next-generation physical and engineered systems;

2)   to promote collaboration and cooperation between US and European researchers on topics related to CPS; and

3)   to stimulate interactive discussions on research in CPS through panels, poster and break-out sessions. 



Workshop Format


The workshop will consist of a number of invited presentations, posters, and panels, with the goal of fostering interaction between researchers and practitioners in the nascent area of CyberPhysical Systems (CPS).   A key goal of the workshop is to stimulate intensive and interactive discussions between the participants in an informal setting.  Thus the workshop will be designed to provide ample time for discussions and interactions.  Accordingly, the workshop will be composed of three types of activities:

a)   Invited talks from leading researchers and practitioners who have actively researched and deployed CPS, with the goal of identifying specific CPS challenges

b)   An interactive poster session where researchers (including PhD students and young faculty) will present software demonstrations, research projects and new ideas in emerging CPS applications and technologies

c)    A panel session with key  CPS players (including a mix of US and European participants) to discuss the major research challenges in CPS and opportunities for US-EU cooperation in CPS research



WCPS09 Organizers  


      Nikil Dutt, UC Irvine, USA

      Jorge Pereira, EC