Web People Search via Connection Analysis.

Appeared in IEEE TKDE Journal, Vol. 20(11), November 2008.

Dmitri V. Kalashnikov, Zhaoqi Chen, Sharad Mehrotra, and Rabia Nuray-Turan

Computer Science Department
University of California, Irvine
GDF project (http://www.ics.uci.edu/~dvk/GDF)


Nowadays, searches for webpages of a person with a given name constitute a notable fraction of queries to web search engines. Such a query would normally return webpages related to several namesakes, who happened to have the queried name, leaving the burden of disambiguating and collecting pages relevant to a particular person (from among the namesakes) on the user. In this article we develop a Web People Search approach that clusters webpages based on their association to different people. Our method exploits a variety of semantic information extracted from Web pages, such as named entities and hyperlinks, to disambiguate among namesakes referred to on the Web pages. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach by testing the efficacy of the disambiguation algorithms and its impact on person search.

Categories and Subject Descriptors:

H.2.m [Database Management]: Miscellaneous - Web People Search;
H.2.8 [Database Management]: Database Applications - Data mining;
H.3.3 [Information Storage and Retrieval]: Information Search and Retrieval


Web People Search, WePS, Clustering, Graph, Social Network Analysis, Predictor Corrector

Downloadable files:

Paper: TKDE08_dvk_WePS.pdf

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