Informal Technical Meeting on WWW Distributed Authoring and Versioning

MIT Faculty Club

September 16, 1996


9:00 Introductions and Overview

Distributed Authoring

9:15 Overview of Microsoft Distributed Authoring and Versioning Requirements & Draft of Implementation Ideas (Goland)

10:15 Short Break

10:25 Overview Presentation of Distributed Authoring Requirements (Whitehead)

12Noon Lunch break

1:00 Discussion of Group's Charter (Whitehead)


2:00 Overview Presentation of WWW Versioning Requirements (Durand)

3:30 Discussion of technical approaches to meet requirements

    - Discussion of existing technical approaches
    - Subdivide functionality into packages
    - Assign people to develop technical proposals for each package
    - Establish deadlines for initial draft of proposals

5:30 Meeting Adjourned.