IETF WEBDAV Working Group Meeting

IETF-43, Orlando, Florida
December 10, 1998

A meeting of the WEBDAV Working Group was held December 10, 1998 at the Hyatt Orlando, as part of IETF-43. Prior to this meeting, unofficial breakout sessions were held on the topics of advanced collections (December 8) and access control (December 9).

Meeting Information

==> Agenda
==> Minutes
==> Advanced Collections Breakout Notes
==> Access Control Breakout Notes

Slides shown at the meeting:

==> Geoff Clemm, Versioning
==> Judy Slein, WebDAV Advanced Collections
==> Jim Whitehead, Issues from Mailing List Discussion

Slides from the Advanced Collections Breakout

==> Judy Slein, Advanced Collections Breakout

University of California, Irvine
Jim Whitehead <>
Department of Information and Computer Science
247 ICS2 #3425
Irvine, CA 92697-3425

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