WebDAV Collections Protocol


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Table of Contents

WebDAV Collections Protocol

Referential Member

Strong Reference

Weak Reference

Creating Referential Members

Mandatory Extensions in HTTP: Rationale

Mandatory Extensions in HTTP: Description

Creating Referential Members (revised)

Deleting Referential Members

Listing Collection Members

Other Operations on Referential Members

Other Operations on Referential Members (revised)

Operations on Target Resources

Ordered Collections

Characteristics of Orderings

Manipulating Orderings

Manipulating Orderings (revised)


Position Header Example

Server Responsibilities

Creating an Ordered Collection (proposal)

Implementation Note (proposal)



Author: Judy Slein

Email: slein@wrc.xerox.com

Other information:
Advanced collections protocol slides presented at Interim WebDAV Working Group meeting, Redmond, WA, June 15-17, 1998.

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