Related Work

This page contains links to related work on remote collaborative authoring and versioning. The WWW4 Authoring Tools Breakout Session directly led to the formation of the WebDAV Working Group, and hence is interesting from a historical perspective. Note that the protocol specifications listed here are not being actively worked on.

==> Version Control Protocol
S. Ramaswamy, Cisco Systems

This document presents a non-HTTP-based protocol for performing version control across the Internet. Available as Internet Draft draft-ramaswamy-version-control, revision 00, February 1999.

==> draft-ietf-html-relrev-00.txt
Hypertext links in HTML
Murray Maloney, SoftQuad

This document presents a list of standard HTML link types for use in the HTML LINK element. Issued as an Internet-Draft, it is currently expired, but still of interest to this working group.

==> Authoring Tools Breakout Session at WWW4

Discussion on how to achieve interoperability among distributed web content authoring tools was the focus of this breakout session following the "development tools" session on developers day at WWW4. This session identified a list of issues which affect the interoperability of distributed editing tools, including access control, getting raw HTML before server processing, authentication, versioning (the lost update problem), document DTD labeling, BROWSE and MKDIR methods, editing of variants, and others.

Last modified: July 3, 2003