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Iím going to talk about three broad areas today. First, Iíll give a review of collaborative authoring scenarios and features in the word processing arena. Right now the leading workgroup word processors have a fairly rich feature set for collaborative authoring thatís quite unmatched by anything in the Web authoring area. At first thought that might seem to give us some short-term advantage in a battle over file formats. But what we really want to do is take what weíve already learned through years of studying users in workgroup scenarios, and apply that to the Web. For examples, Iíll focus on Word 7.0, which actually has the same collaborative authoring feature set as Word 6.0. Just to be fair, though, Iíll mention some interesting work that Lotus has done on Word Pro 96.

Second, Iíll give a very high-level overview of Wordís future plans in collaborative authoring. Unfortunately I canít give you too many specifics about Word 8, which is coming out this fall. But Iíll try to tell you what I can.

Next, Iíll talk about some of the issues weíll need to answer in order to have a collaborative authoring Web feature set based on open standards.