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Interoperability is a big Net concern. First of all, there are different edit models to deal with. For instance, FrontPage has a substitution bot where text on leaf pages of a web is derived from one central source - for instance, your company’s name on 18 pages on your site. If you change that central source, then naturally all the other instances change. How should that get revision marked? Would, say, Navigator Gold be able to interpret that revision information meaningfully, or would it look like 18 unrelated changes?

A second issue is defining behaviors for less-savvy applications. If I have a heavily revision marked HTML document and I open it in Mosaic 1.0 or in Word Internet Assistant 1.0, what should it look like? Should I see the original version, or the version with all changes accepted, or something different entirely?

A third issue is integration with existing versioning systems, for instance, RCS on Unix. Some people have invested heavily in these traditional versioning applications and whatever this group comes up with should at least work with these systems.