Dave Long
America Online, Santa Barbara

AOLserver "webstore"

HTML source

Rewriting relative links...

Rewriting relative links...

Lost Update

Lost Update - versioning

Lost Update - locking

Access Control

Access Control List


PUT vs. POST to publish

namespace methods

BROWSE sample

HTTP/1.0 200 OK
MIME-Version: 1.0
Date: Tuesday, 09-Jul-96 23:35:44 GMT
Server: NaviServer/2.0 AOLserver/2.033
Content-Type: application/x-navibrowse
Content-Length: 289

application/x-navidir .
text/html .odo.index.htm
application/x-navidir download
text/html download.html
text/html feedback.html
application/x-navidoc images
text/html index.html
application/x-navidoc press
text/html search.html
application/x-navidoc server
application/x-navimap tools.nvm

URL mapping
magic URLs used for:
http://server/NS/operation/path... (or form data)

PrimeHost Control Panel
linked to server administration page, provides

transparent extension!

Server API's

Editing variants

PICS, etc...