WWW Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WEBDAV ): An Introduction


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Table of Contents

WWW Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WEBDAV ): An Introduction


What is WEBDAV?

Web Architecture (simple, typical)

Authoring Context

Facets of WEBDAV

Collaboration Infrastructure

Metadata Infrastructure

Namespace Management Infrastructure

Versioning Infrastructure

Hypermedia Infrastructure

Current Work

Current Work (cont’d)

Current Work (cont’d)

IETF WG Status

Getting Involved

Distributed Authoring and Versioning Requirements

Reservation Requirements

Locking Principles

Locking Requirements

Metadata Requirements

Collection Requirements

Collection Requirements (cont’d)

Copy Requirements

Move Requirements

Miscellaneous Requirements

Versioning Principles

Versioning Principles

Version Topology Requirements

Version Graph Retrieval Requirements

Version Graph Navigation Requirements

Uniqueness/Addressability Requirements

Versioning Session Requirements

Difference/Merge Requirements

Author: Jim Cunningham

Email: jfc@netscape.com

Other information:
Presented on Developer's Day at the WWW6 Conference, April 11, 1997