Cyberspace Show Listing

The Cyberspace Report is a public affairs radio show aired on KUCI, 88.9 FM in Irvine California. The show explores social issues of computing. The co-hosts are Lisa Covi and Jim Whitehead. For more information please see the Cyberspace Report home page

The Cyberpsace Report shows that have aired include:

Date Guest Topic Live?
01/05/94 Dave O'Leary The Future of Networking Live
01/12/94 Peter On-line romance Live
01/19/94 John King NII in Singapore Live
01/20/94 Nathaniel Borenstein Enabled Mail Pre-recorded
01/24/94 Phil Agre Red Rock Eaters list Pre-recorded
02/09/94 Keith Kurtz PEN - Santa Monica Public Access Network Live
02/16/94 Jonathan Grudin Saturn Mailing List Live
02/28/94 DJ Padzensky Public Access to Records Live
03/16/94 Mike Moloney Computers and the Auto Industry Live
04/13/94 Kelly Bank computer errors Live
04/20/94 Ciaron Foley & John Ghadimi Electronic Music Live
05/04/94 Ken Kraemer Information Technology in New Zealand and Australia Pre-recorded
05/18/94 Alladi Venkatesh Work at home with computers Pre-recorded
06/01/94 Jon Iden Business Process Reengineering Live
06/07/94 Mark Poster Postmodernism and the Internet Pre-recorded
06/22/94 Karen Weickert Expert Medical Systems Live
07/06/94 Ignace Snellen Information and Communications Technology in Public Administration Live
07/13/94 Mark Kellner Journalism and the Internet Live
07/20/94 Gordon Cook Internet Policy Live
07/27/94 Rob Kling Digital Libraries Live
08/17/94 Naomi Pierce Women's Wire Live
08/24/94 Roy Fielding WWW Live
09/14/94 Jim Danziger Politics and Computerization Pre-recorded
09/22/94 Steve White Electronic Journals in Protein Science Pre-recorded
10/27/94 Lisa Covi Internet Jubilee Live
11/02/94 Michael Hauben Netizens Live
11/17/94 Naomi Pierce On-line Harassment Live
12/01/94 Virginia Shea Netiquette Live
12/08/94 Miguel Jardine White House WWW Live
12/15/94 Mark Ackerman Game Playing on the Net Live
12/22/94 Jim Martindale The Internet (show hosted by April Love) Live
12/29/94 No guest Show Hosted by April Love and Dan Tvedt Live
01/05/95 Jim Whitehead Jim's Vacation -- Boston Computer Museum Live
01/19/95 Robert Ellis Internet Compilation CD Live
01/24/95 No guest Internet .au audio sampler Live
02/16/95 Chris Sullivan Internet Service Provider Live
02/23/95 Richard Stallman EMACS and the EFF Live
03/09/95 Emmanuel Goldstein 2600 Magazine & hacker culture Live
03/16/95 Anonymous Live
04/19/95 Lisa Covi and Jim Whitehead Cyberspace Retrospective Live
05/03/95 Peter Neumann Computer Risks Live
05/10/95 Ruth Holder APT Live
05/24/95 John King Netville: an Institutional History of the Internet Live
05/31/95 Michael Thompson Electronic Admissions at UCI Live
06/07/95 "JC" The Nintendo Generation Live
06/14/95 Ted Nelson Xanadu and Hypertext Live
06/22/95 Michelle Vranizan-Rafter Journalism and the Internet Live
07/13/95 Matt Connolly Internet User's Group at a Bookstore Live
07/27/95 Danny Sullivan Internet Presence Providers (WWW page development) Live
08/03/95 Jason Snell InterText, Online Publishing Live
08/10/95 Kevin Kobelsky Monitoring, Automation, and Control in the Manufacturing Workplace of the Future Live
08/17/95 Jim Davis Dienst, and Today's Digital Libraries Live
08/24/95 Daniel Bender Finding Love in Cyberspace Live
09/07/95 Brant Smith Internet Underground Music Archive (IUMA) Live
09/14/95 Dave Jefferson California Online Elections Information Live
10/05/95 Brian Starr Jupiter Project Live
10/16/95 Martin Cagan and Rebecca Grinter Problems and social issues of configuration management Live
12/07/95 David Kay Issues of introductory computer science education Live
12/14/95 Eric Friedman Online Critical Theory Resource at UC Irvine Live
12/21/95 Mark Bergman Software Testing Live
12/28/95 Carmela Castorina Access to computers for people with disabilities Pre-recorded
01/11/96 Richard Stallman Commerce Dept. White Paper on Copyright Law Modifications Pre-recorded
01/18/96 Mark Ludwig Computer Viruses Live
01/25/96 Susan Landau U.S. Cryptography Policy Pre-recorded
02/22/96 Stephen Musgrave Meeting your SO in Cyberspace Live
02/29/96 Richard Selby Software development at Microsoft Live
06/06/96 Einar Steffarud Electronic Commerce on Internet Live

We do not know when some of our older shows were broadcast. These shows are:

Guest Topic Live?
Hank Becker Educational Technology & Computer Use in Schools Pre-recorded
Marc Smith Virtual Communities Live
Margaret Elliot Searching for Polly Klaas on the Internet Live
Lisa Covi Alpha Phi Omega on the Internet Live
Mark Bernstein Literary Hypertext Live

We started broadcasting the Cyberspace Report in late September of 1993, but in our first shows we discussed issues amongst ourselves, and did not have guests. In January of 1994 we changed to our current guest-oriented format, and liked it. Over 60 guests later, we're still finding interesting guests, and new social issues to explore in Cyberspace.