Web-Based Remote Collaborative Software Engineering with WebDAV


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Table of Contents

Web-Based Remote Collaborative Software Engineering with WebDAV

Distributed Software Development

Software Development … via the Web

Existing Web: Key Challenges for Software

Enter WebDAV

Visions for WebDAV

Commercial WebDAV Products

Commercial WebDAV Products (2)

Open Source Projects

WebDAV: Extending HTTP

An individual using WebDAV

Application Use of WebDAV

Facets of WEBDAV

Collaboration Infrastructure

Metadata Recording Infrastructure

Namespace Management Infrastructure

Versioning Infrastructure

Access Control Infrastructure

Searching Infrastructure

Document Roadmap

WebDAV Distributed Authoring Protocol

WebDAV Object Model

Scope of WebDAV Methods

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Write Lock

Write Lock Scope

Write Lock Scope (2)

Write Lock Scope (3)

Write Lock (cont’d)

Lifecycle of a Lock

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Properties: Naming

Properties: Name/Instance Distinction

Properties: Value is well-formed XML

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Collections: MKCOL

Listing Members of a Collection: PROPFIND

Namespace Management: COPY

Namespace Management: MOVE

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A Solid Specification

Outlook for Software Development

Getting Involved (WebDAV)

Getting Involved (DASL)

WebDAV Resources

WebDAV Resources (2)

WebDAV Resources (3)

Mailing List Archives

WebDAV Introductory Articles

Author: Jim Whitehead

Email: ejw@ics.uci.edu

Home Page: http://www.ics.uci.edu/~ejw/

Other information:
Slides given at STC'99, Salt Lkae City, May 6, 1999

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