Re: Version identifier in URL

David J. Fiander (
Wed, 29 May 1996 13:05:16 -0400

> I'm not denigrating versioning in any way, and I'm not even suggesting
> replacing the versioning concept with this configuration concept.  I'm
> just more interested in this level above versioning and am wondering
> if that concept should be included in the discussions.

I tend to agree.  Getting rev. 1.5 of a page, without finding the
graphics in it, or the pages that it links to, at the right
revision, is not as effective as "surfing into the past".
However, I also think that we need to start small, and work our
way up.  Given that "version=foo" can take /anything/ acceptable
to the underlying VCS, those systems that support labelling
revisions, like RCS, can easily support a basic form of CM.
Smartening up the client and switching from decorated URLs to a
(remembered) Content-Version header would allow for links without
version information to (client-side) default to an old version of
the page.

This is, I think, stuff that we want to talk about, but not until
we've nailed down the basic standards about what URL decorations
we're going to describe, if any, the semantics of existing HTTP
methods in the face of Content-Version headers or decorated URLs,
and any additional HTTP methods we find necessary.

As an aside, I noticed that my last, long message wasn't
necessarily as clear on one point as it probably should have
been.  Right now, MKS uses URL decorations for everything.  In
the future, we will be tracking the work of this group, and
converting from URL decorations to HTTP methods, for those things
that logically are methods.  Of course, we'll still end up
supporting our existing decorations for a while, since we have
product in the field that understands them, and people may have
pages that contain links to them.

- David