Re: Versions and configurations

David J. Fiander (
Wed, 29 May 1996 15:49:58 -0400

> Decorated URLs in the MKS style may suffice for the simple versioning
> needs. But I suspect we'll want to look at an additional HTTP method --
> call it SET_CONFIG -- to tell a server, "Now switch to serving the
> 'tables-no-frames' version of the pages."

Keith, I would suggest that the idea is appropriate, but the
example is ill-chosen.  The "tables-no-frames" version of the
pages would, presumably, be selected by the server based on the
content negotiation.  More appropriate, especially for
information providers (like, would be a
way to tell the server to "let me browse the May 4 edition of the
site".  Whether we ever get to that level or not remains to be

And, to emphasize, I don't consider the URL decorations to be
nothing more than an easy way to generate links to old revisions
of individual files.  However, such an ability is, I think, a
critical component of any larger system and clearly something
well-defined that we can start with before moving on to the more
contentious issues.

- David