Administrivia: group focus

David J. Fiander (
Thu, 30 May 1996 13:05:07 -0400

This is going to sound pretty minor, but I think that we need to
back up momentarily and identify goals, both short- and long-
term, for the group.

How does this sound as a game plan:

        1) Specify the "version=" URL parameter (aka URL
           decoration).  This will need to discuss: the effect
           that specifying a version has on the basic HTTP
           methods, especially PUT; and the relationship (if any)
           between the URL parameter and any Content-Version or
           Derived-From header that may be present

        2) Specify extended HTTP methods for version control.
           This will include methods like LOCK, UNLOCK, and USE
           (or PUBLISH).

        3) More stuff, which we'll probably think of once we get
           started.  This could include a series of Informational
           RFCs talking about Web-based document management
           issues and practices.

Everything we do will have to take into account the various
different methods of document generation (remember, the users are
writing books, not programs), as well as the different version
control systems that may be used.

- David