Re: High-level capabilities

Larry Masinter (
Fri, 07 Jun 1996 00:24:32 PDT

> 1. Retrieval of a stated version of an entity: Any given revision of an
> entity should be accessible, thus supporting links to stated revisions of
> entities.  (This capability is provided by the ";version={opaque version
> id}" capability we have been discussing.)

I don't really have time to review carefully the details of what you
wrote, but I'll warn you that the "resource"/ "entity" terminology
nearly killed the HTTP working group; in the end, what survived is
that the "entity" is the actual specific version of a document
instance, and the only thing that has "revisions" is a resource. (Well,
a variant can have revisions.)

So, before I can read what you wrote, I have to translate:

# 1. Retrieval of a stated version of a resource: Any given revision of
# a resource should (?) be accessible... etc.

Now that I read it, I don't really go along with your requirements;
I'd like to see something like:

  IF a server is providing access to a sytem with underlying version
  management capability

  THEN the accessible versions of a resource should be named with
    URLs of the following style.

You might want to add warning messages or errors, e.g., VERSION NOT
AVAILABLE, but provide a (stylized?) link to the latest(?) version,
also to provide some mechanism for querying available versions, etc.