Re: version management and relative links

Daniel W. Connolly (
Sun, 09 Jun 1996 14:34:13 -0400

In message <v02130504ade09d56f002@[]>, "David G. Durand" writes:
>   This discussion has highlighted an important requirement:
>    **** Versions should be extractable from the URL ****

Just Say No!

I'll read the rest in detail later, but I'll just say now that I think
this is a fatal flaw.

Compare with:

        "MIME types should be extractable from the URL"

The web as it exists today is proof that this is not necessary.
There are plenty of ways to ship the appropriate metainformation
around so that this can be avoided.

As Larry M said, the flip side is "given a URL A and a version V,
there should be a standard way to combine them into a new URL A'
such that GETting A' yields version V of A."

This flip side is reasonable.

Another way to put it: web clients have a standard way to construct
query URLs from the address of the search service and the search
terms. On the other hand, there is no standard way to do the
reverse: look at a URL and determine what it means to the origin