Re: Version identifier in URL

David J. Fiander (
Mon, 10 Jun 1996 10:29:31 -0400

> 6) http://host/path/resource/x
> also proposed by Kenji Takahashi, never really discussed but used by
> Christopher Seiwal for several examples.

My last message on this may have seemed a little rabid about my
dislike for this option.  I wanted to assure you that I'm not
rabid; the suggestion has merit.  I do, however, see some

There are two scenarios possible in a "hierarchical version




The former has the advantage that, in the general case, we can
specify a version for a subtree, which lets us "surf into the
past" for free.  The latter has the advantage that, in a sense,
different versions of a particular node in the heirarchy are
subordinate to it.

Unfortunately, neither option addresses the practical concern
that the server has to have some way of determining
<strong>when</> a URL contains a version.  I mean, the path


could easily reference a page discussing the history of the "bar"
facility in Lisp 1.5.

This implies that there must be a node in the hierarchy that
informs the server that we're going elsewhen.  For example:


is the "current" or "default" page and


is rev. 1.5 of the same node.

- David