Re: Re2: what's doable in Web version control

Larry Masinter (
Tue, 11 Jun 1996 18:13:15 PDT

> 1) you want to send in updates for different resources (e.g. a file AND its
> ancillary images, all modified in the meantime), and want a single commit
> for all of them -- and this is, I understand, *evil*.

Yes. Is Good. Is Excellent, Even. Not Evil. Not Bad.

> 2) you want to send in several updates for the same resource: e.g. I check
> out a file for the weekend on my laptop, create locally several versions --
> friday night, saturday afternoon just before the party, and sunday evening
> because I'm bored -- and check them back in first thing monday morning as a
> single connection, with the different parts representing the different
> versions that were created locally. -- This was considered an interesting
> option for VTML, and one of the main reasons for external deltas.

This is nice, too. I'm not sure about the locking semantics, though.