Re: Name space munging ... blech!

Christopher Seiwald (
Wed, 12 Jun 1996 00:01:04 -0700

| If so, I'm not terribly fond of this approach.  To date we have been mostly
| dealing with how to handle labeling of the version of leaf nodes in a
| heirarchy.  However, the general case for configuration management is that
| there is a heirarchy of versioned collections of versioned resources.
| Ideally, what is needed to handle this is a naming mechanism like:
| Unfortunately, the URL specification at present does not allow parameters
| to be included in each level of the heirarchy.

Unfortunately, versioned containers is a pit.  Nonetheless, embedding the
/version=_version/ into the path is the only way to support them.  The ;version=
suffix won't cut it.