Current status

Jim Whitehead (
Thu, 22 Aug 1996 18:24:33 -0400

This message contains my current understanding of the status of this
working group.

I received an email yesterday from Larry Masinter, Chair of the HTTP
Working Group.  He stated that:

>The deadline for 1.2 features was "two weeks after the Montreal
>meeting", and then "August 1", but of course, the deadline has no
>force, and new proposals can be entertained whenever. However, I'd
>like to encourage you to go public sooner rather than wait until you
>think you have it "right".

>If you're not ready to circulate a specification of the actual
>protocol changes, are you at least ready to circulate a specification
>of the requirements that might lead to protocol changes?

I feel it is very important for this group to inform the HTTP 1.2 effort on
the requirements for versioning on the WWW.  As a result, there is one
current action item:

- Submit a document on requirements for the capabilities which should be
supported in versioning via HTTP.  Status: David Durand and Fabio Vitali
submitted to the list a draft requirements document.  David and I met today
to discuss this requirements document, the result of which a slightly
revised requirements document will be presented to this list early next
week, hopefully end-of-day Monday.  This document will be forwarded to the
HTTP WG at the end of next week, August 30.

Following the generation of a requirements document, it makes sense to also:

- Develop a document listing our proposal for implementing the capabilities
listed in the requirements document.  Whether these capabilities are
implemented in HTTP 1.2, or become an extension using PEP, it will be a
worthwhile exercise to develop this draft proposal.  My current
understanding of HTTP methods that might be proposed in this document are:
LOCK, UNLOCK, LINK, UNLINK, and possibly a FLAG method.  This document has
not yet been started.

- Jim Whitehead <>