Technical Working Meeting 9/16

Jim Whitehead (
Tue, 27 Aug 1996 09:51:39 -0400


Informal Technical Meeting on WWW Distributed Authoring and Versioning

Meeting Date: September 16, 1996
  MIT/LCS - Rm. NE43-518
  545 Technology Square
  Cambridge, MA 02139
Cost: None, but come prepared to discuss technical issues

1) To review and refine documents describing scenarios of use of
distributed authoring and versioning on the WWW.
2) To review and provide feedback on requirements for distributed authoring
and versioning.
3) To discuss and develop proposed modifications to the HTTP protocol
(and/or other WWW technologies) to satisfy the requirements.
4) To develop work assignments and schedules for revising scenarios and
requirements documents, and for creating or revising draft proposals for
technical solutions.
5) Discussion of which functionality should be campaigned for in HTTP 1.2,
and which should be pushed off into a standard (PEP?) extension
6) Reviewing the action items from the San Mateo meeting.

Expected inputs to this meeting:
- draft scenarios documents for distributed authoring and versioning
- requirements documents for distributed authoring and versioning which
have been submitted to the IETF as initial revisions of non-standards track
internet drafts, for eventual publication as informational RFCs
- informal draft proposals for technical solutions to satisfy the requirements

Desired outputs:
- Suggestions for new scenarios, refinements to existing scenarios (and who
will edit them, and by when)
- Refinement of requirements documents, and agreement that the requirements
are complete (plus due dates for revised documents)
- A more clear understanding of the solution space, assignments (with due
dates) for developing proposed solutions for submission to the work groups.

My apologies for the short notice on this meeting.  The driving
considerations were a) ensuring that the documents we produce are timely
enough to have positive effect on the dialog concerning HTTP 1.2, b) having
a meeting on the East Coast to be equitable in geographic location, while I
am still a Visiting Scholar at the W3C (I will remain until 9/20).  If it
turns out the 16th is a really bad day, please let me know.  If I get
significant negative feeback about this date, I will consider changing it.

The excellent W3C staff will be coordinating the meeting for me.  They ask
that if you are planning on attending, please register for the meeting by
Sept. 11, at


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Informal Technical Meeting on WWW Distributed Authoring and Versioning

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