RE: Seiwald Q & A -- "GET for EDIT" cookies

Yaron Goland (
Sat, 31 Aug 1996 17:10:30 -0700

The Derived and Version headers would not be able to handle a situation 
where you check out the same document from several different locations. One 
could, of course, munge on information to the fields but that is the same 
concept as cookies or URL appending.

From:  Daniel W. Connolly[]
Sent:  Friday, August 30, 1996 6:39 PM
To:  Christopher Seiwald
Subject:  Re: Seiwald Q & A -- "GET for EDIT" cookies

In message <>, Christopher Seiwald 
>Clearly the URL is not sufficient: multiple users can be working on the
>same document.
>URL+username might be better, but I can easily imagine a case where the
>same named user (or the same user) is working on a single document from
>two different places.
>URL+username+hostname?  Maybe.

This is what Derived-From: and Version: are all about: in
response to a GET (for edit), the server emits Version: ... .

In the corresponding PUT, the client includes Derived-From: ... .

See Dave Long's draft for details.