This is the SBML namespace for xCellerator annotations.

SBML annotations have not been defined for xCellerator but may be defined in the future.

The SBML Level 2 Specification has more details on the use of namespaces in SBML:

“The use of XML Namespaces permits multiple applications to place annotations on XML elements of a model without risking interference or element name collisions. Annotations stored by different simulation packages can thus coexist in the same model definition. Although XML Namespace names must be URI references, an XML Namespace name is not required to be directly usable in the sense of identifying an actual, retrieval document or resource on the Internet. ... The name is simply intended to enable unique identification of constructs, and using URIs is a common and simple way of creating a unique name string.”

This namespace is reserved for xCellerator annotations but is not required to be usable or have any usable information posted. When preliminary annotations are defined for xCellerator SBML they will be fully described in the correspondong xCellerator documentation. It is our intention to post links to the annotation documentation on this web site at this time.

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