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Performs Parametric Variation on an initial condition or a parameter value.

New in version 0.68

PredictTransferFunction[system, {time, tbegin, tend}, {input, min, max, delta}, output, options]

repeatedly executes run, varying the value of input=min, min+delta min+2*delta ... max

system is any valid system as it would normally be input to run

The symbol input may refer to either a chemical species in a reaction or a rate constant.

The symbol output is either the name of a single variable, or a list of variables.

options includes any standard option for run as well as the following:

"Integrate"→False, if True, integrates the output variables from tbegin to tend; otherwise, just returns the value of the variable.

"Function"→ optional function to be applied to either the values of variable (if "Integrate"→False) or the variable before integration (if "Integrate"->True).

Example (Download as Mathematica Notebook)

[19 July 2012]