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Plots the result of a simulation generated by run.

runPlot[sim, vars, {tstart, tend}, options]
runPlot[sim, vars, options]
runPlot[sim, options]

sim is the output of run.

vars is a list of variables in sim. If omitted all variables will be plotted. vars can only be omitted if the time span is also omitted.

tstart and tend give the timespan of the plot. If omitted the plot will be for the entire time span of the data.

Options include:

holdLegend→False - set to True to hide the legend.
type→"Log" - plot the y-axis on a logarithmic scale.
Any options for Plot or can be used.

Example (Download as Mathematica Notebook)

runPlot is a wrapper for MathSBML`SBMLPlot. As such any valid option for MathSBML`SBMLPlot can also be used.

[21 July 2012]