ICS 139W Spring 2014, Emily Navarro

(adapted with permission from David Kay)

Changing the System: Peer Editing Guidelines for the Promotion Piece

Because this assignment is very short, you should have at least two of your classmates edit it (and you should edit two of your classmates' papers). Try to work with people you haven't worked with before.
Here are two criteria for this assignment: 

Any change in an existing system is likely to disrupt the system's current users. If your change were implemented, you would want to reassure the current users that the new system will be better for them—to "sell them," in other words, on your changes. 

Finally, you will prepare a one-page flyer, brochure, memo, or web page announcing, describing, and promoting your change to the current users of the system. This "promotion piece" may be one- or two-sided and may be relatively informal in tone—just so that it gets the message across without its readers dismissing it as a joke. 

Great flexibility is possible in the form and content of these pieces, but (a) they must do the job (in this case, make the users of the current system want to use the changed system), (b) use clear, correct, grammatical English, and (c) follow the principles of good design and typography.