ICS 139W Spring 2014, Emily Navarro

(adapted with permission from David Kay)

Changing the System: Peer Editing Guidelines for the Change Proposal

You will edit your assignments in groups of two or three. It doesn't matter whether you work with the same people you worked with last time. Take a couple of minutes to identify each other. We will help form groups if necessary.
As you read and comment on each other's papers, keep in mind the purpose and audience of the paper (that is, to convince decision-makers to support the proposed changes).
On the editor's written comments, the editor should be sure to write "Edited by" and his or her name. Each author must turn in the editor's written comments along with the revised version of the paper.

        • Does the color, if used, convey better information than monochrome or gray-scale?

        • If a background pattern is used, does it interfere with reading the foreground?

        • If there are graphics or screen shots, do they help make the point effectively? Can the back row of the audience read the important parts of these illustrations?