ICS 139W Spring 2014, Emily Navarro

(assignment adapted with permission from David Kay)

In-Class Writing Sample

Being able to produce clear and correct writing is a requirement for completing lower division writing, so we expect everyone in the class to be able to demonstrate this ability.

The in-class writing sample is scheduled for Thursday, April 3. The topic for the sample will be something designed to be easy to write about, so you can concentrate on your writing rather than the underlying ideas. In the hour-plus class period, we will ask you to write roughly 300 words (for comparison, this paragraph contains about 150 words); this should give you plenty of time to revise and rewrite your passage. You should strive to make your writing have essentially perfect mechanics, grammar, and usage, and be reasonably clear and well organized. You may bring a dictionary or any other reference works on paper. These samples are short enough, and you have enough time, that we do expect everyone to write these samples by hand (unless you have an officially recognized disability, of course).

Be sure to bring a pencil or two.