Assignment 2: MakeAGraph Implementation

Due date: February 3rd 5:00pm

Informatics 122

Software Design II

Winter 2015

Professor Emily Navarro

You are to implement someone else's design, namely, the design that you ranked first. In making this implementation, you have two goals:

1. To hand in a fully working MakeAGraph program, adhering to all the requirements of MakeAGraph. The only requirement that is optional for this assignment is the console input/output. If you feel it would be easier to make a GUI, you are welcome to, but it is not necessary.

2. To adhere to the chosen design as much as possible

Make sure you still have the designs you evaluated! 

1. Submitted as a single zip file via eee dropbox (named "Assignment 2"; NOTE: DROP BOX HAS A DEADLINE OF 5:00pm on 2/3; NO LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED):

* Working Java code (both source and a JAR file)

* Brief instructions on how to provide input to the program

2. Submitted in class (paper copy):

* The original design you implemented

* A revised UML document describing the design underlying the code (i.e., the design you eventually implemented)

* A document describing any and all changes you had to make to the original design with a motivation as to why

* Why you made these changes

* Why these changes could not be avoided

You will be graded on three things for Assignment 2:

1. Completeness (working code covering all the requirements of MakeAGraph)

2. Adherence to the original design

3. Motivation for modifications to the original design