Assignment 3, Part 1: Design Patterns

Due date: February 10th 5:00pm

Informatics 122

Software Design II

Winter 2015

Professor Emily Navarro

Improve the design of your implemented MakeAGraph by replacing existing structures in the code with appropriate patterns. You should apply at least 3 patterns, including at least one not discussed in class. Each use of a pattern should be carefully motivated in a brief accompanying document.

Each individual must turn in:

1. A printed copy of their restructured code (just the classes/places where it was modified to apply patterns). Please highlight the lines that were changed.

2. A printed document describing:

* The motivation for each pattern

* The impact the application of each pattern has on the design (i.e., how far reaching is the change to incorporate the pattern?)

You will be graded on three things for Assignment 3-1:

1. Usefulness of the patterns

2. Rationale

3. Level of design understanding shown in your patterns and rationale

Important: Part 2 of this assignment will be given on Thursday (2/5), and will also be due February 10th, so start now!