Assignment 4, Design Recovery

Due date: February 17th 5:00pm

Informatics 122

Software Design II

Winter 2015

Professor Emily Navarro

Recover the design of the SimSE waterfall game. You may use any tools you like. See Lecture 8 for instructions on how to download the code base, and further information and tips about the assignment.

* Do not ask anyone about the design of SimSE (despite that normally being a good resource).

Each group must turn in:

1. A complete UML(-ish) diagram

2. At least one additional diagram of your choice (might be informal); examples: Uses, comprises, sequence, activity, other UML diagrams, etc.

3. A document describing the design of the SimSE waterfall game (at least 4 pages)

4. A 10-minute presentation (in class on February 17th) that describes:

* the design you recovered

* your design recovery process (brief)

Your audience is someone unfamiliar with SimSE waterfall who needs to make very significant changes to it.

Each individual must turn in:

1. A team evaluation.

All deliverables due Tuesday, February 17th, start of class.

Your submission will be graded on completeness, clarity, and accuracy.