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Date:           Fri, 19 Sep 2003 23:59:02 +0200

Hi Sa'ndor, 
These are beautiful - and phantasy-stirring, especially b1. 
I would coin for it the name 
since it has 300 congruent (!) rhombic faces (golden ones I suppose). In
addition, it has altogether 600 edges and 280 vertices. 
Thus its Euler characteristic \chi = F - E + V  equals  -20. 
Consequently, its genus g = (1/2)(2-\chi)  equals 11. 
This means that it is topologically equivalent to a doughnut with
altogether 11 holes (or, if you like it more, to a sphere endowed with
11 [torus-like] handlebodies). 
Well, and all this is made of congruent rhombi... (thus it is
monohedral). Nice job! 
I am afraid that facing the exercise: "Find a monohedral (!) non-convex
polyhedron with genus 11" 
would be somewhat frustrating experience to quite a number of people
(including geometers). 

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Helló Gábor, 

Let me show you some of my models, 

rhombic triacosiohedron