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Belated Housewarming

My parents had been living in their new house for over a year, but chose this date for a housewarming party as it was the second anniversary of their groundbreaking.

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Spread Sara plays hopscotch on the board she drew Logan and Angie
Cousins with chalk The Christoffersons watch the chalking Two boys
Cousins again Sara drawing her name Sue Arnold
Kate helps her dad draw (or vice versa) George Storz Marion Wells and Pat Dunbar
Jack Rappaport and Mark Zarlin Jennai Zarlin DZ
Gayle and Bob Christofferson with Jeanne De Lucchi Claire Ellis Marion Wells
Bruce Arnold Ermeline and Alison Joan Palmer
Leonardo Bowers Bob Christofferson with Bill Semans Jerry Kreger
Bill Semans Diane Semans Conversation
Joe Rosenthal and Don Roberts Mary Rosenthal Wendy Roberts