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4th Bellairs Workshop on Geometry and Graphs

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Adele Erases Zuzka Laptop Pat
Ahmad Cyril Back Bench Diane, I
Diane, II Fabrizio, I Erin, I
Jit Andrew Sander Ruy Mirela Cyril
Michael Tasos, Basit, and Csaba Anil, Mirela, and Michiel
Zuzka, Anna, and Erin Aurelien, I Basit and Zuzka
Zuzka and Erin Tasos and Csaba Diane, III
Uli, I Fabrizio and Ahmad Uli, II
Aurelien, Diane, Luis, Pat, and Sander Sergio and Günter Jit, Cyril, and Alex
Sander Alex Progress Report Audience, I
Fabrizio, II Andrew Progress Report Audience, II
Günter Progress Report Audience, III Otfried
Bruce Sergio Ahmad, Jit, and Greg
Zuzka Erin, II Michael and Csaba
Greg and Jit Mirela Jean-Lou and Cyril
Abstract Art Michael and Csaba II Basit
Michiel, Mirela, and Anil Aurelien, II End Of Workshop Party
Luis Uli, III