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Dragonflys vs Lightning Bolts, Nov. 3, 2001

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Meelim and Vanessa Coach Kathy and daughter Vanessa Lindsay and Frankie
Alyssa Coach Brian and daughter Kelsey Chandler with purple teeth
Pregame lineup Chandler among the Lightning Bolts Alyssa throws it in
Lightning Bolt goalie's view of the action Alyssa does a corner kick Vanessa and a Lightning Bolt face off
Vanessa and Chandler on the attack Walden, Frankie, and Lindsay Kelsey, Walden, and Frankie
Natalie about to kick a mudball Standing around the mud hole Natalie
Walden throws it in Beth chats with Walden and Chandler at halftime Meelim and Chandler
Walden as goalie Scrimmage Chandler plays in the mud
Returning to midfield after a score Natalie near the mud again Lightning Bolt goalie throw
Kelsey among the Lightning Bolts Walden Sara watches a Lightning Bolt kick
Frankie and Kelsey High fives all around Shaking hands
Through the tunnel Dogpile on coach Brian Potluck picnic breakfast after the game