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Family and Friends

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Sara reads to Timothy Breakfast at Childrens' Center Timothy and Gail, I
Timothy and Gail, II Timothy at the screen door Timothy at the screen again
Sara makes a face Sara cross-eyed Sara
Nico investigating a lizard Timothy and Nico Decorating the Christmas tree
Clorinda Putting up Christmas lights, I Putting up Christmas lights, II
Kore Clorinda playing marbles Sara and Clorinda
Angie with Sara and Logan in Noyo Harbor Playing dominos Logan and Aaron help Maureen play dominos
Sara and Phyllis make dinner Jana and Sara Richard playing with my new puzzles
Timothy playing with modeling clay Clorinda Clorinda and Timothy
Clorinda and Timothy again Chaz Daniel, I
Daniel, II Daniel, III Daniel, IV
Daniel, V Daniel, VI Daniel, VII
Mitchell Park, I Mitchell Park, II Mitchell Park, III