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Heartbreakers vs Green Gryffindors

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Raising the newly finished Heartbreakers sign Frankie Walden, Frankie, and Natalie head off a Gryffindor
Walden at midfield Gryffindor goalie about to make a catch Walden, Natalie, and Vanessa bring the ball upfield
Gryffindor goalie Natalie being helped off the field Catherine followed by a trio of Gryffindors at midfield
Corner kick by Catherine Mass of players at midfield Chandler takes it up the sideline
Walden maneuvers between two Gryffindors Walden and Evangeline Evangeline and Chandler try to break out of the crowd
Walden matches pace for pace with a Gryffindor Chandler Halftime
Natalie and Catherine Walden leads the pack Eyes closed and kicking
Vanessa gets past a Gryffindor Natalie kicks it Natalie and Frankie discuss strategy
Evangeline makes a goalie catch Handshake line Raquel puts together the boundary markers