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Heartbreakers vs Orange Tigers

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Sara practices before the game Coach Kathy arrives with her coffee Kelsey takes on Tigers Alexandra and Kendal as teammates watch
Vanessa, Sara, and Chandler trail two tigers Kendal and Alexandra Sara, Vanessa, and Natalie vs Tiger Alexandra Natalie and Chandler vs two Tigers
Vanessa trailed by two Tigers Vanessa menaced by two Tigers while Natalie watches Tiger goalie Gabrielle in a too-large goalie jersey
Kelsey and Walden Four Tigers in front of the Heartbreakers banner Frankie defends against an attack by Tiger Alexandra
Halftime pep talk Orange uniform, orange flag, orange cones Walden and Natalie vs two Tigers
Four heartbreaker pile-up Walden vs three Tigers Chandler surrounded by three Tigers as Walden comes in to help
Tiger goalie with the ball Natalie trails two Tigers Katie battles a Tiger
The Tiger goalie catches a shot from Chandler Three Tigers in a line Is it soccer or modern dance?
Katie Natalie falls while two Tigers take the ball Natalie and Walden vs three Tigers
Natalie about to kick One of the Tigers Sara with goalie jersey and red scarf
Tiger eating an orange slice Sara defends against a Tiger attack Sara making a goalie catch
Natalie Tiger Kendal trailed by Natalie and Gabrielle Kelsey blocks a Tiger kick
Natalie kicks the ball out of the corner Vanessa midfield Walden defends as a Tiger comes in from behind
Kelsey, Walden, and Natalie Frankie vs a Tiger Walden and Frankie vs a Tiger
Sara makes another goalie catch Vanessa throw-in Maryam and Natalie
Chandler makes another run at the Tiger goal Kelsey trails two Tigers Tiger throw-in
Vanessa about to kick a drop ball Maryam Two Tigers vs Frankie
Tiger with her tongue out Natalie and Kelsey Sarah with face paint
Debby hands out cupcakes for Natalie's birthday Debby handing out cupcakes Maryam profile