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Hot Shots vs Red Hot Chili Peppers

The first round of playoffs, and the girls picked a good time to let their bats get hot. Score 8-1.
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Brittany batting Jennifer runs home
Kayla follows through on a swing Foul ball Breanna comes home
Joel helps Kelsey tune up her swing before batting Sara heads back for the dugout Lindsay comes home
Breanna Kayla makes a close forceout Kayla at bat again
Jessica gets a hit Coach John congratulates Jessica on her hit The pepper pitcher pitches a pepper pitch
Jessica home Chili peppers at the mound Lindsey batting
Sara covers third base Another pepper pitcher Putting some body english on her pitch
Jennifer at bat Breanna taps the plate The Hot Shots run out to the mound for the post-game cheers
8-6-4-2, we enjoyed playing you Lindsay and Breanna