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Univ. Hills Halloween Party

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Headdress Julia Lupton Big Nosed Wizard
Flower Garland Purple Witch Chicken
Denali Red Mermaid Hair Harriet Potter
Dorothy And Toto Green Fish Blue Eye Shadow
Claudia Bee Girl Jean As Ladybug
Sleepy Jean Blonde Curls Pumpkin Boy
Blonde Braid Lobster Antlers Vampire Sneer
Timothy As Bat Sophie As Present Feathery Wig
Junior Park Ranger Little Mermaid Gothic Murderess
Lion Molly And Nitya Cinderella With Wand
Belle Pink Dress Red Hair Adam As Ringed Planet
Minnie Mouse Chloe As Red Devil Pumpkin Girl
Spiderman Scarecrow Young Vampire
Blurry Garland Twin Lambs James As Bat