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Poison Ivy vs. Lucky Leprechauns

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Annie holds an icepack to her eye Sara gets some batting practice with Haley's dad Sara and Danielle practice fielding
Checking the roster prior to the game Haley reaches first Nicole at bat
Elaine Sophie at third Sophie comes home
Darya Sara at bat Sara happy on first
Dad with a digicam Force at first All hands in for a team cheer
Lindsay heads for second Annie gets a hit Haley's first inning as a pitcher
Brianna Brianna laughing Annie and Sophie in the dugout
Darya Danielle Sara gets forced out
Elaine and Haley share a laugh in the dugout Lindsay pitching Annie and Darya get ready for the next play
Lindsay tries to throw out a runner Leprechaun single Dave and Laura applaud the team
Getting ready for the handshake Darya and Sara Handshake line
Shaking hands Suraiya after the game